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TRIAL PACK – CLAY MASK - Go Green Clay Mask, Go Pink Clay Mask, Detan Clay Mask

Get on to multi-masking at new level. Splurge in our best fit of 3 clay Masks that supports, controls & brightens skin all at the same time

For all Skin types


This Kit Includes

1. Go Green Clay Mask 10 gms - Helps control, detox clogged pores while soothing and calming sensitive skin.

2. Go Pink Clay Mask 10 gms- Helps nourish, smoothen & hydrate skin while brightening naturally

3. Detan Clay Mask 10 gms - highly effective at reducing pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone on face & Body


1. Supports & repairs Skin barrier for healthy skin

2. Helps tackle black & white heads effectively while detoxing pores

3. Controls and balances excess oil

4. Smoothens & evens out Skin texture & tone

5. Enjoy multi-masking to address different concerns with our varied Clay masks

How To Use

1. Activate 1/2tsp of Clay mask in a clean bowl with Rose water or any hydrosol to make a smooth paste.

2. Apply on required areas of face.

3. Can focus different masks on different parts of the face

4. Wash off within 8-10mins with plain water

5. Follow up with Blossom Toner & Moisturiser or Face Serum

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