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Gift of Joy Kit

Gift of Joy Kit

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Begin your day with auspiciousness from this handcrafted gift set, a bundle that is created with love, warmth & tradition.

Bundle Offer

Skin Type – All Skin & Hair Types

This bundle essentially consists of Skin & Haircare products to indulge in a luxurious experience from Head-to-Toe.

This bundle has:
1. Date with Hair concentrate - 50ml
2. Detan Clay Mask ( for Face & Body) - 50gm
3. Nakshatra Glow serum - 10ml
4. Emerald Salve - 50gm"

    How To Use & Product Composition

    1. Date with hair concentrate
    2. Detan clay mask
    3. Nakshatra glow serum
    4. Emerald salve


    1. Date with Hair concentrate - Protects the hair shaft, strengthen hair from the roots and deeply nourishes, while increasing hair growth, strength, shine.
    2. Detan clay mask refreshes and purify skin pores while reducing tan, pigmentation giving skin naturally radiant glow.
    3. Nakshatra Serum provides all the antioxidant boost to skin to help repair naturally, fights blemishes & scars while giving that subtle glow to skin- naturally.
    4. Emerald Salve delivers true healing, restructuring benefits to Body skin while reduces dryness, itchiness, fine lines, scars etc.
    5. This bundle is packed with earthy, grounding aroma that comes from botanical oils & extracts creates a healing space for the mind & skin.

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