Building a regime from the ground up is a long road of trial & error, experimentation & intensive research. And a lot of money!!! But this way, we help you simplify your regime into Easy – Minimalistic – Effective one considering our ingredients, your skin type & concerns.

Many times, we are confused with right choice of the products and their usage for effective results. To simplify the process, make it easy to follow and be consistent, our products have been drawn out in an easy Ritual or Regime. Just how an evening walk in the breezy beach or a calm meditation by the day makes us feel better, the products in our BREEZE ritual will help to achieve that easy breezy feel on skin. 

Breeze Ritual is ideal for Oily Skin type as the products work together cohesively to control excess oil secretion, clear up the pores without stripping off natural moisture. While supporting products helps to hydrate skin’s barrier for its natural repair and rejuvenation. As result, you experience, soft, supple, evened out skin tone!!!

Ingredient composition in BREEZE ritual!!


Our finely milled powder cleanser is loaded with skin cleansing essential ingredients. The ingredients and benefits are:

Colloidal Oatmeal:  Finely milled Colloidal Oats helps with gentle cleansing & exfoliating benefits while binding & protecting skin’s natural barrier. As a result, it’s so conditioning, soothing in reducing irritation, redness in skin with its moisture-locking and hydrating properties naturally.

Kaolin Clay: Because of kaolin clay’s anti-bacterial properties helps in controlling excess oil/sebum protection making it ideal for Oily-Combination skin.  

Coconut based Surfactant: This super gentle surfactant obtained from coconut oil; it is very mild, non-stripping while still helping to foam up the cleanser for smooth, soft & clear skin.

Lavender buds: These cute little buds in cleanser helps in moisture locking property and its non-comedogenic for large pores. Also known for the fact helps in calming the skin and senses!!

Chamomile buds: The chamomile buds are loaded with anti-inflammatory agent helps to decongest pores and improve skin glow! Both the buds are crushed to its right particle size to release their resins for soothing & calming skin benefits.


Breaking the ingredients in our toner,

Lavender Hydrosol: The calming scent of lavender helps to give a calm feel to skin and nourishes skin. Spiritizing lavender infused blossom toner is an excellent way to control the redness of acne and keeps skin refreshed during the day.

Rose Hydrosol:  We are always thankful to roses for its ability to clarify and balancing skin with natural pH. 

Witch Hazel: This helps to ease irritation, soothe inflammation, and calm you skin.  This will also help you with easing the razor bumps. 

Panthenol: This aids in hydration and smooth appearance for your skin!!


Light-weight, cushion-y gel moisturiser that helps greatly in packing hydration and sealing in all essential nutrients to skin. This is infused with ingredients that doesn’t make your skin oily or feel greasy. Breaking down the composition,

Aloe Extracts: It is considered as natural moisturizer because of its hydrating properties and skins into skin like magic.

Rose Hydrosol:  Its well known for sensorial experience while clarifying & bringing the pH balance to skin naturally. 

Oats protein: It acts as humectant which draws moisture and soothe skin and helps in supporting skin barrier.

Allantoin & Panthenol: The two power packed ingredients join hands to hydrate skin from deeper layers while also acting as emollient that softens & soothes skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Helps in drawing moisture from air and hydrates the skin, helps in reducing dry and flakiness on topical layer of skin.

Glycerin: It is a type of occlusive that traps and draws moisture into skin.

Vitamin E Tocopherol: It is a powerful antioxidant having the ability to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier and a favourite ingredient in soothing and calming inflammation.

Loaded with hydrating, soothing, calming & skin nourishing ingredients, it also uses Eco-certified Preservative to help product remain stable and usable over its shelf-life period.


The ingredients of our star seller,

Organic Rosehip: This is loaded with benefits; it helps to protect and hydrate skin and not just that!! The vitamins and antioxidants present helps in rejuvenation of skin, restore skin elasticity, and helps in minimizing the appearance of spots. 

CO2 extracted Sea Buckthorn seed oil: The sea buckthorn oil helps in protecting and revitalizing skin. They do this by boosting collagen levels in skin and protecting from skin damage by external factors. 

Golden Jojoba oil: This oil helps in moisturizing the skin and soothes dry patches and irritated skin. 

Raspberry Seed oil: Aids in soothing inflamed skin and gives that glow boost to skin.

Wild Carrot seed oil: It helps in increasing the cell regeneration for radiance and powerful antioxidant for ageing skin along with giving good moisturization to skin.

Vit E Tocopherol: It is a powerful antioxidant having the ability to moisturize and strengthen skin barrier and a favourite ingredient in soothing and calming inflammation.


Can we say this our bundle’s best friend being included here!!

French Green Clay: The French green clay present helps in unclogging the pores and thereby helps in reducing sebum production, keeping pores clear.

Green Tea Extracts: This helps in increasing the skin’s natural moisture, fight acne, unclog pores and reduce inflammation that makes skin looks puffy. 

Aloe vera: It helps in deeply cleansing the skin and fade-out blemishes, scars and give a fresh and bright feel to the skin.

Cucumber extracts: Helps in soothing irritation, acts as base for hydration. Studies prove that cucumber extract could reduce swelling and puffiness in face.


Finally, the lip balm in our BREEZE intensely nourishes & moisturizes lip skin through the day and when used in night as thick layer like a lip mask helps to seal moisture overnight!!  Shade me in lip balm is your perfect bet if you need to get rid of hyper-pigmentation on the long run.

This lip balm instantly hydrates and lock in moisture, due to unrefined Cocoa butter & emollient oils for a supple, plump pout. Its rich texture coats dry lips, softening and protecting against dehydration all day long (but with no sticky residue!).

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