Are you looking for a minimalistic yet effective night routine for glowing skin? Trust us these tips can help you relax, rejuvenate, and add to that subtle glow every day too. Read on to know more.

Chamomile tea. A hot bath with salts. Lavender candles. Special sleeping attire. Electronics outside the bedroom. Silk eye masks. Weighted blankets.

Everyone swears by a different ritual but all roads lead to the same destination: a good night of sleep.

Sleep is when the skin repairs and rejuvenates itself so the quality and quantity of sleep you get every night matters.

So, your sleep hygiene, a combination of the environment aka your bedroom and night-time rituals, should be tailored and customized to YOU to be effective. Your personal needs and what your body and skin require daily.

Now that we’re all agreed on why a good bedtime routine is important, two things before I take you through the essential rituals.

Number one: I say rituals and not steps because…well, it’ll be clear by the end of this post.

Number two: these rituals are great for your skin even if you’re not looking to improve your sleep quality so if you’re not sure this article is for you, read on anyway.


Fresh air and oxygen aren’t important for just your lungs but also your skin! You want it to breathe while you sleep so that you wake up refreshed.

What does this entail?

Remove makeup (if you’re wearing any) and thoroughly cleanse your skin. This is an important part that is not to be skipped because you need to remove all the dust and dirt your skin has collected over the day.

If you haven’t found the cleanser that is right for you, try a gentle cleanser (like our powder cleanser) that works well even on sensitive skin without stripping it off natural moisture.


Your feet have borne your burden all day – literally!

According to Ayurveda, when you give yourself a ‘padabhayanga’, or foot massage, you’re not just massaging your feet but all your internal organs—pressure points on your feet are connected to your organs through energy channels called ‘nadis’.

So a gentle massage is not just helping your feet less sore, you are also stimulating your various body processes into healing. It helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves circulation and digestion, and gives you better sleep.

Of course, what is a massage without a good moisturizer that helps you feel happy and nourished?

The other advantage is that you also wake up with softer, more moisturized feet, allowing you to stretch the time between pedicures. Win-win!

Body butters


A crucial step for maintaining healthy skin is moisture, moisture, moisture. Choosing the right kind of moisturizer to suit your skin goes a long way in ensuring your skin is hydrated.

Aging can never be stopped but can certainly be slowed down. Serums like Nakshatra Glow Serum & Intense Repair miracle serum can help you connect yourself with nature, revive that peace within. All you need is a few drops of these pure premium drops. Put them on your palm, inhale and connect with them before you massage them onto your skin.

They speak through you to slow down, to be thankful for things around you, and to look forward to a brighter tomorrow. The blends of essential oils are so raw and pure, that you can almost feel the sigh of your skin relaxing and soothing itself as you sleep.


What is a bedtime routine without a kiss goodnight? The lips are an often-overlooked body part that needs as much nourishment as the rest of your face. Use cocoa butter or a lip balm with soothing elements like raspberry seed oil and organic rosehip to smoothen, nourish and even reduce pigmentation on your lips.

Don’t forget to be generous and slather it along the border of your lips to heal and repair the skin.


Finally, my favorite part of the bedtime ritual: the scalp massage. I like to let my hair down (literally) and work in my favorite hair serum (coincidentally, we just happen to make it) to reduce tension and wind down. Nothing works quite like a scalp massage to reduce anxiety, help you relax, and improve blood circulation.

I call these rituals and not steps because every ritual is complete in itself. Plus different people, different strokes. I never go to bed without a scalp massage but I know people who can’t sleep unless they’ve pampered their feet. So you do you. Try everything, switch it up but let us know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Mindful rituals help you sleep more deeply and calmly, giving you a glow that is more than skin deep. 

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